I just had my kitchen cabinets refinished. I can’t believe what a beautiful finish. They were brand new. Not a flaw. I would without a doubt recommend bliss.
— Cindy Robinson
Thank you does not seem to be enough when you make someone’s dream a reality.
Every night I sit at my kitchen table and am overcome with emotion....this spectacular kitchen is mine!!!
— Cindy Nielissen

Cindy Nielissen

Dear Donna and the entire staff of Bliss Home Innovations,

Thank you does not seem to be enough when you make someone's dream a reality.  For years I had longed for a new kitchen.  My home is 36 years old and I had lived with the original kitchen for 26 of those years.

As a single parent, money was tight and my dreams were certainly not the priority.  But when it became evident my cupboards and flooring would not last much longer, I started kitchen shopping.  My budget was limited. Somehow I found my way into Bliss.  From the moment I walked in the door I was in awe of how Donna understood my vision AND my budget constraints.  I left feeling elated.

Knowing a kitchen renovation is a huge undertaking financially and emotionally, my friends encouraged me to shop around.  I did.  Throughout the process I kept going back in to Bliss to further elaborate on the "vision". At no time did I feel pressured.  Donna  and her team always made time to answer questions and calm fears and share in the  excitement of what soon would become reality.

It was an easy decision to engage Bliss to complete my kitchen renovation......my heart and my head were aligned ......my heart loved the design ideas and the respect and attention I was given and, my head loved the fact that everyone was very conscious of my budget.  I made the decision ......Bliss was going to complete my kitchen renovation!

I want you to know...I want EVERYONE to know.....I have absolutely no regrets in electing  to go with Bliss Home Innovations.  My kitchen was based on my dreams....but with Donna's  guidance ...the end product was far more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined.  Donna selected products that not only delivered on beauty and price but that would stand up in a household with a teenager, two  St. Bernards and  two cats!!!

Finally  the kitchen installation was about to begin. The Bliss team was extremely cognizant of the impact of living without a kitchen and did everything possible to ensure disruption was minimal.  Everyone worked cohesively and professionally.  Donna herself was regularly on the scene to monitor progress and to ensure everything was going as planned.  I am not saying the renovation did not have a few challenges but every challenge presented was quickly rectified by the team.  Please know Donna, I couldn't have been more impressed by your team!

There are soooooo many reasons to acknowledge you and your team.  I think the single most impressive quality relates to  ethics.  You do what you say you will do.  You honour all commitments. Little customers with small renovation projects and budgets ...like myself.....are given the same attention and treated with the same amount of respect as more financially lucrative clients.  A rare trait in today's world.  Donna, there  was not one thing left unfinished. Not one thing I had to press for completion.  Not one thing I am unhappy with.  Your word was your word....and know that means everything!  I tell everyone who will listen what a fabulous designer and professional team of individuals you lead.

Every night I sit at my kitchen table and am overcome with emotion....this spectacular kitchen is mine!!!

I am not a Facebook user but if there at all is a way for you to post this to any/all social media sites....I would be appreciate it.  When product,delivery AND service are superior, I believe in spreading the word!

The sign on your door proclaiming you are "awesome"  certainly has proven to be true.
Thank you again for everything. It was indeed a pleasure working with you and the Bliss Home Innovations team!


Cindy Nielissen