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Oceania Bath Tubs: A Class of Their Own

There are close to 100 models to suit every type of interior space and décor: classic, traditional, transitional, modern, New Age, minimalist, trendsetting.

Extremely versatile designs allow for a wide choice of configurations:

  • Freestanding

  • Deck Mount

  • Alcoves Baths

About the Company

"Essential to life, water is the focus of Oceania, which is dedicated to optimizing its presence in the home spa environment. Its premium products stand out for their ingenious and visionary features. Oceania is a source of innovation and trends.

Since 1995, Oceania has been working for nearly 20 years to create unique products and superior quality environments for home spas. Oceania promotes the design, lifestyle and sustainability values of today that create a natural fit with the home environments of trendsetters and the traditionally minded alike."


Fabrica: Fine carpets and rugs

Fabrica carpet and rugs are recognized for our singular beauty and exceptional quality. Using superior materials, state of the art technology, and highly skilled craftsmen, Fabrica creates carpet and area rugs that offer "Quality Without Compromise". Fabrica’s reputation for quality and style comes in part from the unmatched creativity of Fabrica designers, whose sense of craftsmanship and passion for color consistently produce the most innovative carpet and area rugs available..

Available product materials:

  • wool

  • nylon

  • rugs

  • wood

About the Company

"Since the company’s founding in 1974, Fabrica’s state of the art research and development facilities have consistently produced innovative and diversified products, offered in impeccable color choices. The selection, timeliness, and clarity of color have always been Fabrica’s primary hallmark of quality. Fabrica has been awarded the highest recognition for quality by the American Flooring Association and was named the premier mill in the United States by top retailer."




Superior Hardwood Flooring:

Superior Flooring is a leader in the hardwood flooring industry, and we have the certifications to prove it. Superior Hardwood Flooring is the only manufacturer to consistently obtain a NWFA/NOFMA rating over 99%.

  • Superior hardwood

  • Engineered hardwood

  • enhanced hardwood

About the Company

“We take pride in providing the utmost quality to the consumer market. From forest to factory-finished product, the highest levels of quality control are implemented throughout all operations. Our company name truly defines our product, our people, and our place in the competitive hardwood flooring industry.”

4 Grades - Unlimited Styles

Grading is a means of rating boards according to variations in the wood’s natural colour. With 4 different grades of hardwood we give you an incredible array of options to choose from.

The Longest Average Board Lengths In The Industry

Our longer board lengths result in a floor that is more uniform, more even, and has less joints than any other flooring provider.

Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the world around us is crucial. we are committed to making a product that not brings the warmth of nature in to your home, but helps protect our planet and forests for future generations.

  • NWFA Certified

  • 35 Year Warranty


Native Trails: Bathtub Bliss!

A long bath can fix almost anything – especially a long bath in a freestanding copper or concrete bathtub.Since the time of ancient Crete, the restorative qualities of soaker bathtubs have been legendary. Native Trails ups the ante on the legend with our freestanding tubs – an impressive focal point for the bath; a blissful retreat for body and soul.

About the Company

“In 1996, Naomi Neilson founded Native Trails, using her passion for artisan tradition, sustainability, and fair trade practices to bring the work of undiscovered artisans from central Mexico first to central California and then on to living spaces throughout North America. Combining the artisans’ age-old traditions with contemporary design and sustainable materials, Naomi broke new ground with Native Trails iconic copper sinks and helped to introduce copper as a mainstay material for the kitchen and bath.

To bring life to inspiring, innovative designs, we partner with skilled artisans who employ age-old tradition and craftsmanship. Each piece we create is one-of-a-kind; handcrafted from sustainable materials such as:

  • Recycled copper

  • Reclaimed wood

  • Concrete

Each piece reflects the unique style and technique of the artisan who so skillfully created it.”



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Ruff Sawn: handcrafted solid wood furniture

Our Ruff Sawn upscale styles are skillfully designed with form, fashion and function in mind. Our clean lines and organic textures represent the hallmarks for which we are widely known. All our products cannot be easily reproduced due to the use of our unique tools and methods!Our furniture is individually bench built by a community of North American skilled artisans, who rely on time honored techniques combined with technology and precision to ensure our furniture is crafted with the utmost care.

About the Company

"Ruff Sawn – solid wood furniture you can feel good about. 

Wood Source

We offer domestic woods, which fare well with age and use.  Our wood has been air-dried, then kiln-dried to remove moisture. 

Our Construction

Ruff Sawn incorporates the use of timeless techniques such as mortise and tenon when handcrafting furniture.  Our drawers are English Dovetail construction and available with full extension side mount or soft close under-mount slides.  Each drawer is completed by boasting a rich finished interior. The top, sides, front and bottom of our furniture are comprised of solid wood; in fact, most of our collections have heavier tops - up to 8 quarter thickness (2”).  To fortify further we construct durable face frames and attach our back panels with screws, to help ensure lateral stability. A superior stain enhances the natural beauty and longevity of solid wood furniture.  Therefore, we use high - quality conversion varnish based on its incredible durability and resilience.  At Ruff Sawn we believe exceptional quality should be the standard."


Made in Canada: HanStone Quartz

Proudly manufactured in London Ontario, HanStone Canada’s state-of-the art facility produces material for all of North America. HanStone Quartz is known for its superior quality and exceptional design, with over 40 unique colours and patterns to draw inspiration from. The go-to choice for interior designers, fabricators and homeowners alike. Distinctly Beautiful and Naturally Canadian

Why HanStone?

From Ontario’s ONLY Quartz manufacturer, HanStone Quartz is locally made, readily available and supports Canadian manufacturing jobs. With warehouses, showrooms and dealers from coast to coast, HanStone services ALL of Canada. Industry-leading technology, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a stunning variety of colours and patterns give our customers a distinct advantage and make HanStone the natural choice

Manufacturing standards

Committed to creating the country’s finest quartz surfaces, HanStone Canada is deeply invested in its pristine quartz manufacturing facility in London, Ontario. Here the company utilizes the best-in-class quartz and locally-sourced raw materials to manufacture quartz slabs for all of North America.


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